Back in the fall of 2010, two dear friends asked us to take their engagement photos. We had always enjoyed photography, and did some photo and film work professionally, but we had never considered going out on our own. It sounded exciting, so we accepted the challenge.

The following spring, two different friends asked us if we'd shoot their engagement and wedding photos. We said yes again.

And then, that fall, two more friends asked us if we'd shoot their Brazil. Yes. Yes. We will shoot your wedding Brazil.

That is how our story began. We started by saying yes to two friends and have been saying yes to telling more and more stories ever since.

It's been the best, unplanned decision of our lives.

It wasn't long before Tabitha's professional expertise as a filmmaker made it clear that we had more to offer. Photography and videography tell stories in such different ways, and we wanted to tell stories in every way we could. 

Everyone loves a good story.

Everyone has a good story.

We love bringing the two together.