Lauren + Lewis' Wedding Photos

I can not imagine a better way to begin our 2017 wedding season than with Lauren + Lewis. I thought it would be good since they were taking Alex and I back to The MillCreek Wilde, where we were married, but that was just the beginning. Not only was the wedding stunning (both visually and emotionally), Lauren and Lewis allowed themselves to shine through.

They are self-admittedly quirky (as evidenced by the "let's do senior photos on this fence and school bus prom photos" shown below) but in that deep, authentic way where you immediately get the sense that they know themselves and they're not afraid to be themselves. They are the best of people. They felt like old friends. And I hope that they do become old friends. 

Mieke + Mike's Maternity Photos

Last week, I had the amazing privilege to photograph Mieke, an old friend, as she comes closer to the end of her pregnancy. Believe it or not, I am due 6 weeks after her and our bumps are about the same size. She looks beautiful. And not because of the size of her bump. She looks beautiful because, as you can see in the photos below, she radiates with love and the expectation of new life. Many thanks to her and her absolutely wonderful husband, Mike, who trusted me to capture this part of their story.