Emily + Ben's Teaser Trailer

It has been forever since our last post and it's mostly been because we've been climbing out from under a mountain of work. I'm hopeful that as some jobs wrap up and wedding season begins, I'll be able to check in more often with some of the beautiful new things we've been creating.

So, I'll start here with Emily and Ben's Wedding Teaser Film. We'd posted some of their wedding photos back in February and I thought it would be good to let people know that yes, we can do both photography and videography at the same wedding.

Here is a taste. I love that they were open to us doing something a little bit different with the music. We used a recording of Franz Schubert's "Gott Ist Mein Hirt" (Psalm 23), performed by the Choral Scholars. Enjoy!

Alaynah + Tommy's Teaser Film

We're busy wrapping up a few final weddings from last year and as the weather is turning warmer, I'm really starting to get excited about the season ahead! I am so happy to bring you this teaser from Tommy and Alaynah's incredible vineyard wedding. The weather was perfect. The couple was in love. And the way Alaynah's dad has to turn away when he first sees her...It was a dream in just about every sense.

Moonrise + Flower Timelapses

I finally got an intervalometer (for my birthday) and I have been looking for any excuse I can find to put it to use. Most things just don't need to be shown in timelapse, but I didn't let that stop me. The result was a lot of mediocre short videos, but also a lot of valuable lessons in timelapse creation.

With or without the intervalometer, I was waiting for the perfect storm of a full moon rising directly behind the city skyline on a clear night (ever since clouds ruined the most recent supermoon for me), and it finally came along. In this first video, the moon is not actually full, but it's close. There are still some technical glitches to work out on the next timelapse, but more lessons were learned, and I think this looks pretty cool.

On a sunny Saturday I decided to see if I could catch the crocuses opening in front of our house. It took them a lot longer than I expected, probably because it was rather cold out, so I had to cut it short, but it does open most of the way, and a fly even comes to visit the flower before the end.