Italy - Spring 2015

We spent a week with family in Bologna this April. It was an incredible experience, and a new way to experience Italy for us: at a relatively slow pace, anchored in one place for the entire visit. This is not to say we didn't manage to get around to a few places, especially when food was involved! Reviewing our photos from the trip, those that related to food in some way stood out as our favorites. But what else would you expect from Italy?

Italian Meat and Cheese.jpg

 Dinner at home on our first night in Bologna: an assortment of crostinis with cheeses, meats, and lard cut fresh in the kitchen.

Italy Florence Street Food.jpg

Four of us drove to Florence to catch a soccer match. The street food outside the stadium was delicious. While we passed on the local favorite - an intestine sandwich - we did get wine in a plastic cup and some fantastic sausages.

Italy Vineyard.jpg

We had a private tour of a vineyard - Azienda Agricola Stefano Berti. Being April, the vines didn't have much to show yet, but they looked beautiful in the evening sunlight.

Vineyard Wine Tasting Italy.jpg

Did you know that before you taste wine, you really should rinse your glass out

Our brother Luca's mother is incredible in the kitchen. She prepared two tarts and two enormous pans of Tuscan lasagna...for lunch. Buon appetito!