Emmeline's Newborn Photos

I am in a life season that is simultaneously overflowing with goodness and also completely energy-sucking. Welcome to early parenthood (my youngest daughter just turned 3 months old this month). That is why photo sessions like Emmeline's revive me and my soul.

The photos below are how I'm going to remember early parenthood. Beautiful baby Emmeline will only be this small for a moment. Along with her brother, who is already so much bigger than when we took his photos nearly 2-and-a-half years ago. And Emmeline's parents, who are wading through nights of less-than-ideal sleep and dirty diapers will look back and say "look at how young and beautiful we were!". And they are young and beautiful.

This is parenthood. Life is full and rich. And it's wonderful.

Inkling Pictures Emmeline Newborn Blog.jpg